New course for Ukrainian healthcare professionals

Sophiahemmet University is to offer a new course for licenced doctors and nurses who have arrived in Sweden from the war in Ukraine. The aim of the course is to quickly ease the participants into work, where they can make a valuable contribution to Swedish healthcare.

– We hope that this initiative will tap the competence possessed by medical professionals from Ukraine. We want to make their passage into Swedish healthcare as smooth as possible and help them into gainful employment in Sweden, says Johanna Adami, president of Sophiahemmet University and one of the initiators of the course.

The course is for medical professionals from Ukraine living in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive. However, before they can obtain Swedish registration, they must know some Swedish, take a knowledge test and gain practical work experience.

– For many people this is a long and complex process, and we want to make it easier for them by intervening early to give our foreign colleagues a context and understanding of Swedish healthcare, says Adami.

The introductory course is held in English and includes care practice and theory alongside language tuition in Swedish. It is to be held in part remotely, complemented with language skills development and practical training at different clinics around the country, depending on where the participants are staying.

– This will put the participants in natural touch with the labour market since they will be in contact with the various partnered clinics, says Adami.

Sophiahemmet has long experience of utilising health care competence from all over the world. Between 2016 and 2020, some 150 doctors and nurses from around 45 countries attended a tailored course that considerably shortened the route to Swedish licence, leading to a swift injection of health care competence into the Swedish healthcare services.
Sophiahemmet has engaged doctors and nurses from Ukraine in the planning and execution of the new course, which is being run under the County Administrative Board’s government-ordained assignment to provide more new arrivals with work in the healthcare sector.

The course is a collaboration among Familjeläkarna (health care practice), Swedish Red Cross University (expert competence and external lecturers), ABF Stockholm (language support) and Sophiahemmet Hospital (health care practice).

Click here for further details and to register, or send a mail to: introkurs@shh.se

For more information:
Johanna Adami, President, Sophiahemmet University: +46 70 – 569 72 87
Pia Hultkrantz, Communications Manager, Sophiahemmet: pia.hultkrantz@sophiahemmet.se