Introduction to Swedish healthcare

Freestanding course

- 4 weeks Advanced level Part time

If you are a physician or nurse with a professional licence from a country outside the EU or EEA and want an introduction to Swedish healthcare, this is the course for you!

The course offers an introduction to how the Swedish healthcare system operates and what the licensing process looks like. It includes theory on such subjects as healthcare ethics, patient safety and regulations, as well as language studies and clinical practice.

The course is available for licensed physicians and nurses staying in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive and for new arrivals and asylum seekers with professional qualification training outside the EU/EEA.

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About the course

Online distance training,
in English – Swedish version

4 weeks, part-time

Option to divide into 8 weeks of self-study

26 September – 11 December
Flexible start

20 June – 31 August

Contact and registration of interest

Frequently asked questions

Who can register for the course?

Licenced physicians and nurses from countries outside the EU or EEA are eligible to attend. Please note that we cannot accept registrations from other professions at the moment.

What language proficiency is required?

The course is held in English. To be able to attend you need a good working proficiency in English and you need to be able to understand both written and spoken instruction in the language.

When is it possible to register?

Course registration will open in August. Information about the registration will be sent on 15th of August to all eligible applicants (licenced physicians or nurses) who have emailed our contact email with their contact details.

What documents do you need from the applicants?

If your diploma is already validated with the Swedish Council for Higher Education you can wait for more information from us in August.

If your validation process is ongoing or not yet started, we need copies of your diploma and diploma supplement. If you are a licenced physician or nurse you can send these to our contact email The documents do not need to be translated. If we require more information we will contact you.

Will there be another course for other professions later?

At the moment we do not know if we can host the course for other professions. If this becomes possible we will publish information on our website so you are welcome to look out for this.

What are the course times and when are lessons held?

The theoretical part of the course is mostly self-study and completed in our online learning portal Canvas, so you can decide your own schedule. The clinical practice will have time slots but these are determined closer to the course start date and will be communicated once the course begins.

Is the clinical practice done in Stockholm?

Yes, the clinical practice part will primarily take place in Stockholm. However, if you are in contact with local hospitals or similar in your own region, you can let us know the name of your contact person there, and we will reach out to them to see if your practice can be arranged locally. Please note that we cannot guarantee this as it depends on their ability to host you and whether that is applicable within their organisation.

What does the course cost?

The course is free of charge.

Does the course give the right to apply for Swedish student finance?

No, the course does not give the right to apply for Swedish student finance (CSN) as it does not lead to a degree.

Does the course qualify as part of the knowledgetest to obtain Swedish license / kunskapsprov?

No, it is an introductory course after which the student will have an understanding how the Swedish healthcare system works and what the Swedish licensing process looks like, but it cannot be considered as a preparation course for the national knowledge test (Kunskapsprov) in order to obtain Swedish license (National Board of Health and Welfare).

Does the course give higher education credits?

No, the course does not give higher education credits. The purpose of the course is to give participants good insights into the Swedish healthcare system to aid their preparation for the national knowledge test (kunskapsprov) in order to obtain Swedish license (National Board of Health and Welfare).

What people say about the course

Between 2016 and 2020, some 150 doctors and nurses from around 45 countries attended a tailored course that considerably shortened the route to Swedish registration. For many, it offered prospects of a professional life in Sweden.

The course comprises four weeks of theory and practice with a focus on interprofessional learning in healthcare.

It is held in English with lectures and seminars of a specialist nature.

Learning is achieved via virtual media and modern distance educational techniques interspersed with practical sessions at different clinics and language study.

I’m so grateful for the help I had in entering the Swedish healthcare system so that I can work here.

— Lala, anestesiolog from Azerbaijan, and former course participant


The course is an online distance course based on the Canvas platform.

It corresponds to two weeks’ interactive self-study complemented with two weeks’ language study and clinical practice.

Participants may study for one to two months at whatever pace suits them.

Access to internet is required.

A diploma will be awarded on passing a self-marked examination.


To be eligible for the course, applicants must:

  • be a registered nurse or doctor with a licence from a country outside the EU/EEA
  • have good knowledge of English


On completing the course, participants will have learned about:

  • patient safety
  • the professional role and approach
  • healthcare ethics
  • organisation and legislation
  • teamwork and collaboration with other professions
  • the Swedish licensing process.


Course leader

Monir Mazaheri
Lecturer, registered nurse
+46 8 406 23 36

Course administrator

Natia Lortkipanidze
Education Administrator
+46 8 406 29 25