Clara Onell

I have a passion for physical and mental well-being. My research aims to deepen the knowledge about lifestyle behaviors and the potential association with musculoskeletal conditions in adolescents and young adults. Studying this is important since musculoskeletal conditions are very common and give consequences for both affected indiviuals and the society. The aim with my research is, ultimately, to implement preventive strategies by emphasizing the association between lifestyle behaviors and health in young age, to early increase the chance for good health throughout life.

My employment at Sophiahemmet University started in 2019 in Eva Skillgate’s multidisciplinary research group MUSIC. Prior to this, I did an exchange semester at Griffith University in Australia, worked with clinical eating disorder treatment and with promotion of healthy dietary habits in psychiatry in-patient departments.

Ongoing projects

Sustainable UNiversity Life (SUN) study – investigates risk and prognostic factors for mental health problems and musculoskeletal problems in university students.

Swedish Handball Cohort – examines injury risk factors and implementation of injury-prevention exercise programmes in youth handball.

Clara Onell

PhD Candidate, M.Sc., Nutritionist

Health promoting science

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Title of doctoral thesis
Lifestyle behaviors and musculoskeletal conditions in university students and high school athletes

Planned defense 
August 2024

Short facts

Author to several peer-reviewed scientific papers published in international journals

Supervisor/co-supervisor to thesis students at Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University, among others

Co-chair of the Academics Association at Sophiahemmet University

Receiver of an honorable mention from Region Stockholm (Måltidspriset) for promotion of healthy dietary habits within psychiatry