Implementation and evaluation of a digital diabetes questionnaire


Implementation and evaluation of a digital diabetes questionnaire


A digital diabetes questionnaire covering 33 questions and divided into two parts has been developed based on qualitative interviews and then validation studies have been conducted. The first part includes a self-assessment of how the person feels and has it and the second part about experiences in diabetes care. The survey offers an opportunity to make it easier for care to work more person-centered and make the patient more involved in their diabetes care.


The aim of the studies is to investigate experiences of using the diabetes questionnaire and to evaluate the implementation process of the diabetes questionnaire in diabetes care.


Focus group interviews have been conducted to investigate the experiences of diabetes nurses, doctors and patients in using the digital diabetes questionnaire. A survey evaluation addressed to the healthcare profession will also take place after the implementation strategy and includes questions about trust in one’s own ability (Self-efficacy) as well as questions about how the use of the diabetes survey has been normalized in the work at the primary care center (S-NoMAD) questions about how the use of the diabetes questionnaire has been normalised in the work of the health centre.


The digital diabetes questionnaire provides the opportunity for the person with diabetes to be involved and informed in their diabetes care and provides the care profession with the patient’s preferences. In the long term, the goal is that the digital diabetes questionnaire should be a natural part of diabetes care and contribute to a better care meeting and provide a basis for quality assurance and improvement work.

Head of Research

Västra Götaland region


The Swedish Diabetes Foundation and Sophiahemmet Foundation.
Contact (project manager and contact person).
Project Manager: Katarina Eeg-Olofsson, PhD, senior physician, SU/Sahlgrenska and co-worker at the National Diabetes Register (NDR)

Research group

Unn-Britt Johansson, professor, Sophiahemmet University, Janeth Leksell, associate professor, Dalarna University and Uppsala University, Margareta Hellgren, PhD, primary healthcare physician, Ebba Linder, project manager NDR and Victoria Carter, diabetes nurse, facilitator in the project. The project also includes company representatives and a patient representative.