About the University

Research and education for tomorrow’s healthcare

Sophiahemmet University is a leading higher education institution in the field of healthcare in Sweden. The University has approximately 1,300 students annually.

Sophiahemmet University is also a leading higher institution for research and education in the field of health science in Sweden. The University is accredited by the Swedish government to offer a variety of courses and programmes at first cycle (undergraduate level), second cycle (master´s level, one year) and third cycle (doctoral level). Furthermore, the university offers diploma courses and programmes. High quality research within the field of health science is also carried out at the University.

Sophiahemmet University actively works to develop its international role and relationships and offers exchange programmes for both students and staff.

The university in brief

Education programmes: for tomorrow’s healthcare

Research: for improved healthcare

History: training nurses since 1884

Learning environment: modern equipment in historical premises

Library: with full service

University values

Sophiahemmet University rests on humanistic values rooted in the principle of equal human worth. We treat every individual as an integrated whole comprising physical, mental, social, cultural and existential dimensions. Everything we do is to be based on respect for the individual and his or her personal needs.

While all activities of Sophiahemmet University are based on proven experience, they are also governed by clear regulatory documents. We leave nothing to chance, and ensure that we deliver the best training and guarantee a healthy work environment for students, teachers and researchers.
We have a common set of fundamental values, which we endeavour to make sure pervade the entire university to the benefit not only of the people working here, but also, ultimately, of current and future patients.

Sophiahemmet University has regulatory documents, plans and policies that govern our work on such issues as sustainable development, quality assurance and equal treatment.

"At the heart of our tradition is 130 years of tireless improvement, development and innovation"

— Johanna Adami, President


The university has been educating nurses since 1884, when Queen Sophia, inspired by Florence Nightingale’s nursing school in London, sought to raise the quality of Swedish healthcare by introducing a new training concept for nurses in Sweden that comprised both theory and clinical practice.
Queen Sophia’s maxim was that the school should be “in step with the times”. It remains the university’s motto to this day.


There are around thirty researchers and twenty doctoral students working within our research field of health science, one in which we will shortly be starting a doctoral programme with the right to award PhDs.
Our researchers are motivated by the possibility of generating new knowledge of use to healthcare and nursing. In addition to our solid collective knowledge we have a research laboratory at our dispsal and the entire Sophiahemmet hospital, which provides unique proximity to clinical practice.

A state of the art learning environment in a historical setting

Sophiahemmet University is an innovative centre of education encompassing a high quality and high-tech learning environment. This and our research-based teaching create excellent conditions for the best possible training.


The University library offers a full service to all our students, teachers and researchers. It presents a highly appreciated and pleasant study environment that provides access to a large amount of printed and electronic material. The library’s qualified staff are always on hand to help with matters like database searching and borrowing or ordering scientific papers and other material. The library is open to everyone at the university.