General description of SAML2 WebSSO

The service provides authentication of users which have an electronic idenitity at Sophiahemmet University, together with release of attributes pertaining to the authenticated user. The provider of the service/higher educational institution is a member of SWAMID, the Swedish identity federation for Research and higher education. The service has been deployed in accordance with SWAMID’s policy framework.

Policy for personal integrity

The service adheres to the policy for the handling of personal data (link to policy) which has been published by Sophiahemmet University in accordance with Swedish law.

The service and limitations of service

Sophiahemmet University undertakes to guarantee the availability of the service in accordance with Sophiahemmet University’s requirements and expectations. Sophiahemmet University follows SWAMID’s recommendations for release of attributes based upon entity categories. Sophiahemmet University reserves the right, in agreement with a service provider, to change the actually released attributes for the current service, regardless of what is recommended by the entity category for which the service provider is approved.

Contact and support regarding Sophiahemmet University and SAML2 WebSSO

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Management of personal information within the scope of the Identity Provider (IdP) as determined by Sophiahemmet University

The Identity Provider performs authentication at the request of a service which Sophiahemmet University recognises, either via metadata provided by the SWAMID identity federation or because the service and Sophiahemmet University has a specific agreement. Depending upon the type of service involved, the purpose of the service and what relationship the service has to the Sophiahemmet University identity provider, one or more pieces of personal data are transferred from Sophiahemmet University catalogue and authorization system to the requesting service. This procedure follows the intent of the Swedish personal data protection legislation.

Services that are categorised in SWAMID’s metadata with entity categories receive attributes in accordance with SWAMID’s recommendations, see below.

Services whose primary purpose is for the benefit of research and education have access to approximately the same personal data which are automatically sent with an everyday email, that being name, email address, user identity, if the user is a student or employee (or similar active role) and that the user has an account at [ORGANISATION]. Registered services that via GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct adhere to the European Union’s data protections directives, in Sweden the Personal Data Act, get access to the same information.

Services whose purpose is for students to process admissions, course registrations, examination sign-up, degree applications, internships, grant applications, self-service account administration and for employees self-service for Sophiahemmet University HR-system have access to the user’s Swedish personal identity number or Swedish higher education interim personal identity number for foreigners.