Introduction to the Swedish healthcare System

Freestanding course

- - 4 weeks Part-time

Do you have healthcare training or professional healthcare experience and come from Ukraine? Then this introduction to the Swedish healthcare system is for you!

We welcome applications from all ranges of healthcare professions: physicians, nurses, nurse assistants, care assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists and dietitians. If you are unsure about whether your profession is eligible, please contact us.

The course is held in association with and part-financed by the EU and it is for people who are in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive. It looks into how the Swedish healthcare system works and comprises a theoretical component on such concerns as healthcare ethics, patient safety and regulations, complemented with language studies and clinical practice.

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About the course

Online distance course
in English – Swedish version

Corresponds to 4 weeks half-time study
Can be divided up into 8 weeks of self-study

Course period
11 April – 8 June

27 February – 11 April

EN V Co funded by POS

Course for Ukrainian healthcare workers

To help Ukrainian refugees with a healthcare training enter the Swedish healthcare system, Sophiahemmet University is offering an introductory course on the Swedish healthcare system.

Frequently asked questions

Who can sign up for the course?

This course is for people from Ukraine with healthcare training or professional healthcare experience who are in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive. Physicians, nurses, nurse assistants, care assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dietitians or other healthcare professionnals are welcome to apply.

What language skills are needed?

The course is held in English, so you will need a good command of the language, both spoken and written, and to be able to communicate fluently.

What time is the course and when are the lessons?

The theoretical component comprises self-study using the Canvas learning platform. This part you can study when it suits you at any time during the course period.

The clinical practice component will be arranged at specific times, which will be decided and announced closer to the start of the course.

Where will the clinical practice take place?

We have contacts in most major care regions, so it is highly likely that you will be able to do your clinical practice in your home region.

If you already have an established contact with a care provider in your home region, we can also call them and look into the possibility of them arranging your practice. In that case please supply us with their contact details. Please note that we can’t guarantee this as it depends on whether or not they are able to offer you a placement.

What does the course cost?

The course is free of charge.

Can I apply for financial support from CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance) for this course?

No. The course does not quality for CSN support as it does not lead to a degree.

Will the course earn me higher education credits?

No, it’s not a credit-bearing course. It gives participants a good grounding in the Swedish healthcare system.

Will I receive a diploma on completing the course?

Yes, all participants who pass the course will receive a diploma at the end.


The course is an online distance learning course based on the Canvas learning platform.

It corresponds to about two weeks of self-study complemented with language studies and clinical practice.

The course can be studied over one to two months at whatever speed suits the individual participants.


To be accepted on the course, applicants need:

  • training or professional experience in healthcare
  • a command of the English language


  • Swedish language studies within the healthcare profession
  • Working with patient safety
  • The person-centred and professional approach
  • Healthcare ethics
  • Healthcare organisation and legislation
  • Teamwork and collaboration with other professions


Mia Bergenmar
Professor, registered nurse
Department of Nursing Science
+46 8 406 23 39