Welcome to Sophiahemmet University, Stockholm, Sweden
Sophiahemmet University is a leading higher educational institution in the field of nursing in Sweden. In total, the university has approximately 1 500 students on a yearly basis. Approximately 450 of these students study at the three-year nursing programme (180 higher education credits). This programme is one of the most popular nursing programmes in Sweden and the total number of applicants is very high (approximately 4 500 applicants from all over Sweden 2012). The university also offers a variety of educational programmes on the advanced level, such as Specialist Nursing programmes, as well as Bachelor, Master and Diploma programmes. These programmes are given in Swedish. In addition, high quality research within the fields of nursing science and medical sciences is conducted.
Sophiahemmet University actively works to develop the internationalization with an intention to increase the cultural diversity among students and teachers. One important aim is to increase the number of students from countries both within and outside the EU.
The relation between the royal family and Sophiahemmet is of great importance. Thus, the chairman of Sophiahemmet is selected by the Swedish King. The King’s sister, Princess Christina is the honorary chairman of Sophiahemmet and regularly participates in the graduation ceremonies of the university. Furthermore, Sophiahemmet University has a close interaction with the Silviahemmet Foundation, concerning diploma programmes in the field of dementia care offered by the university.
Sophiahemmet University is fully owned by Sophiahemmet Association, a non-profit organization, which also provides health services through Sophiahemmet Hospital, a healthcare corporation. The hospital is known as a high-quality private hospital, offering a wide range of specialized inpatient and outpatient services.

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